Crabbing Fun!

Crabbing is a fun, family activity.
Come and give it a try at Mudeford Quay,
Poole Quay or in the rockpools along our beaches.

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Top Tips for Crabbing Success

When to go
  • Best time of year – You can go crabbing all year round!
  • Best time of day – High or Low Tide (Slack Tide) when crabs are looking for food.
Where to go
  • Choose a safe place and take an adult with you.
What equipment do you need?
    1. A crab line – Make your own with string and a small weight or buy a crabbing line at a seaside shop.
    2. A large bucket so you can study your catch.
      Half fill the bucket with seawater and a little seaweed. Keep you bucket shaded and change the water once an hour.
    3. A net – to help put your catch into the bucket before they scuttle away! Put it under the crab just as you pull it from the water.
What is the best bait?
  • Crabs are greedy and have a strong sense of smell. They love bacon and smelly fish like sardines.
  • Make sure your line drops down to the bottom (or is against the seawall) and not in too much seaweed.
Look after your catch
  • Crabs hate crowds! Don’t put more that 10 crabs in each bucket.
  • If they start to fight, put them back in the water.
  • You cannot eat shore crabs – pop them back into the water or tip them close to the water as the tide comes in and watch them run sideways into the sea!

Mind your fingers & toes!

Even tiny shore crabs can give you a nip! Pick them up gently:

  • Holding both sides of the shell, or
  • Picking them up from behind with one finger on top of the shell and one underneath.


Fab Crab


Where do crabs live?
  • Most crabs live by the coast in salty, fresh or brackish (slightly salty) water.
What do crabs eat?
  • Crabs eat meat and plants making them omnivores.
How many legs do crabs have?
    • Crabs have 10 legs – they are decapods (ten-footed).
    • The two front legs are their claws.
How do crabs communicate?
  • Crabs communicate by drumming their claws and flapping their pincers.
How do crabs move?
  • Crabs walk and swim sideways.


The Crab Family

  • Crabs belong to the crustacean family
  • Crabs’ shells are their skeletons. They are on the outside of their body – exoskeletons!
  • There are more than 4,500 species of crabs.
  • Smallest species: The Pea Crab – between 7mm and 12mm long.
  • Largest species: Japanese Spider Crab with legs stretching up to 4 metres!
  • Crabs are super old!
    They first appeared in the Jurassic period, 200 million years ago.




    Download our Crabbing Fun Wordsearch.


    Download our colouring fun sheet.


    Win a Crabbing Kit!

    We have Crabbing Kits to give away to the first 8 crabbing fans to send us the correct Crab Codeword:

    1. Collect the six Crab Codeword Letters from the three pages on this website:

    There are 2 letters to collect on each page.

    1. Use the six letters to work out the Codeword. Clue – Is this a lonely crab?
    2. Enter your Codeword in the Entry Form along with your name and an email address*
      *Please ask permission from your parent/guardian to enter the competition and use their email address on the Entry Form.

    Entries close on 17th February 2023. Winners will be notified via email by 24th February 2023.

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